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Local Grocer Helps Hungry Families

Updated: May 25, 2019

Long time supporter of Student Nutrition, Brad Park provides funding for Haliburton Breakfast Club

Brad Park has followed in his father's footsteps regarding the ongoing support of our Student Nutrition Program. Brad facilitates this through his grocery store Haliburton Foodland . This support has manifest in many ways throughout the years and most recently Brad generously donated $2000 to Food for Kids on a busy morning at J.D. Hodgson's Breakfast club. It is through this kind of local support that Food for Kids can afford sustainable programming ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn.

Art Auctions, Till asks, Personal support, Brad Park and family have been a crucial element of Food for Kids sustainability.

Community Inspiration

By leading by example Haliburton Foodland has paved the path for other local businesses to support Student Nutrition Programming within their own community.

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