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Abbey Gardens partners with SNP

Abbey Gardens has had an ongoing program "sprouts and snacks" that has been teaching school kids about sustainable and healthy foods.


 This pilot program series is a partnered project between Abbey Gardens, Food for Kids &

Archie Stouffer Elementary School (ASES)

 The long term vision for the project is to provide an experiential opportunity for students to

learn and become involved with a community oriented, “giving back”, food system:

planting, nurturing, harvesting, preparing and providing food back to schools and the


o Students learn about, and become engaged with, growing, harvesting and preparing

local food with the intent of “giving back” to the community through school food


o To provide an educational opportunity for all levels of registered students within

Haliburton Highlands school system.

o See original proposal, Appendix #1

 The content of programming aims to complement the Science, Health & Physical Ed.

curriculum, “Healthy Kids & Healthy Choices” as well as the “Feed All Four”(body, mind,

emotion, spirit) philosophy

o Enrichment programs help develop healthy eating habits & lifestyle, heightening

interest and responsibility in giving back to their community and appreciation of the

natural environment essential to growing healthy food

 Funding/Resources:

o ASES – funding request to TLDSB alternate/enrichment funding

 Help cover Abbey Gardens & ASES staff support, student transportation and

garden tools

o Food for Kids – existing funds for snack ingredients

o Abbey Gardens - partial subsidizing of human resources (programming staff,

maintenance of gardens, etc.); garden space and materials; and storage space

 Pilot project:

o Students:

 Student ambassadors from grades 3-7.

 20 students were nominated by their teachers.

 Student ambassadors nominated based on their level of natural


 Grade 7 students will potentially become next fall’s mentors.

 There is opportunity for students

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